Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ready for the assessment? 12/7

Remember that yesterday's blog post has a lot of resources for practice! Be sure to visit that!

  1. Can you identify the vocab words (in Spanish) by looking at pictures? (yes? great! no? see below!)
  2. Can you use the vocabulary words in complex sentences in Spanish? (yes? great! no? see below!)
  3. Can you ask/answer questions using the vocabulary? (yes? great! no? see below!)

1. identify vocab words by pictures:

2. Use vocab in sentences: (use who, what , when, where, why, also, but, because - to make the sentences complex)

  • to wake up, to get up, to put on

  • shampoo, brush comb 
3. ask/answer questions using vocab:
  • ¿usas un espejo en la clase de español?
  • ¿te lavas la cara en la sala?
  • ¿tomas una ducha con un gato?
  • ¿te acuestas por la noche a las tres? ¿A que hora te acuestas?

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